Monday, 18 April 2011

Enjoying my time at home.

After Morocco I returned home for the first time in 3 months after my trip to Australia. It has been really nice to see all my family and friends and catch up with everyone. We have had a few family birthdays so it has been a really busy time.

I have also used the time since Morocco to catch up with my coach, Ian Rae to tidy up a few parts of my swing which needed some work. We have been able to do some good work in a short space of time and I am beginning to feel really good about the way I am striking the ball. In the next two weeks before my next event in Turkey I plan to work hard on my short game and get out onto the course as much as possible.

In addition to the work on my game it has also been time to update my equipment, I have a new set of Mizuno Irons which are in my bag now and I am in the process of testing some drivers and fairway woods to see if there is anything which is better suited to me than my current equipment. It is always exciting to get new equipment so I am looking forward to practicing with my new clubs to get used to them before Turkey.

Fingers crossed I can get some new woods in the bag very soon.

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  1. I see you played at The National in Belek nr Antalya Turkey. It's one of my favourite courses. Billed as Wooburn in the sunshine. Hope you are well Clare. Garry (Hazlemere Golf Club Captain)